1. What should I wear?
Please wear something comfortable that gives you room to move. No need to get dressed up! If you know you will dance hard and sweat, bring along a towel too!

2. Do I need special shoes?
No! We often dance bare foot because we want to feel our toes and feet and often we are in a yoga studio which requires no shows anyway. If you have need to wear a shoe please be sure it is a shoe that does not have dirt or mud on the bottom – preferably a shoe worn only indoors.

3. I don’t know how to dance and have never had lessons. Is this for me?
Yes yes! This is not about performance or technique! We move our body – we follow very simple facilitation. Maybe we might be asked to soften through the knees and pulse gently, or feel the music in our fingers and gradually allow it to extend up into our arms. We might expand and contract our body with our breath, or take the rhythm into our feet. We might be invited to  join in on a circle dance, or we might circle and encompass a participant who is requesting support and healing. If you enjoy dancing, if you love to move to rhythms and would really like the opportunity to move freely with people who share that interest then this is the right place for you!

4. I am self conscious about dancing and moving in front of other people. How do I handle this?
Don’t worry – you are not alone! Most of us feel a bit uncomfortable at first. Some of our most dedicated participants were tremendously nervous and self conscious when they started – you should see them now! As often as we can, we darken the room and use candlelight and we often begin with closed eyes. This is not about competition – or looking slick.  It’s about joining with understanding and friendly like minded people in a very safe space!

5. What kind of music is used?
The music is not rock and roll. It is not classical. It is unique lush compilation of world beat rhythms , women’s voices, funk, minimal techno, spiritual, ambient and selections that foster a desire to begin moving. Often the music will evoke an emotional or creative physical response allowing the participants to delve into various aspects of their being.  Emmy has researched many hours to find just the right music to accommodate this practice. Often people will request a CD of the music which is not allowed because of legal restrictions – but I will share the artist so you can find the music yourself if you wish to do so. Sometimes we dance to live drumming!

6. Can I just come and observe?
No. That could be very intimidating to the participants. Those of us who are participating do not enjoy being watched by someone. Often people get intensely involved and need the freedom to laugh, cry, explode, go crazy, or just chill to the beat. Just as you would probably not be comfortable having someone sitting and observing you doing your moves – we all feel the same.

7. May I bring my child?
Generally we invite ages 12 and up to join. Women sometimes bring their younger daughters and they are welcome to come, as long as they are able to participate and not be a distraction. You know your own child. We only request that you not bring a child who does not wish to participate. Please be aware that sometimes at the closing circle – it is a period of quiet time and if your child is unable to handle that we just request that you take the child out of the room at that time. Very often young children enter into the experience fully and enjoy.

8. Is Dance On the Wild side a religious practice?
No – but it is often a spiritual experience.  Dance On the Wild Side honors all Religions. Anyone can share in this without compromising their own religious belief. Most likely the experience will enhance and support whatever is your religious experience.

9. Do men come and participate?
Sometimes events do include men . The Friday night DOWS at Studio 30 C Essex includes men and some of the big Conscious Dance events also welcome men.