Dance On the Wild Side Movement Meditation Practice

Healing Waters DOWS

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Dance On the Wild Side is a form of movement meditation. No special steps or choreography is required – so anyone can participate. It is freestyle movement and dance with no need to “look pretty” or perform. This is NOT performance – rather it is a spiritual practice for self development and discovery! We might choose to dance ugly, or angry, or explosive!  We might connect with our senses or our sorrow or fear, or we may just explore new ways to move and feel what our body wishes to reveal to us.You may just groove and sway while taking in the energy of the group. The DOWS practice honors ALL body types and ages. We celebrate the goddess within and honor the natural normal body of every person. You can attend heavy or thin, old or young, in shape or out of shape, because you give it what you’ve got – without any judgment.

This is dance as it was first experience by humans to express our deepest dreams and realities and to connect with energy within and outside of ourselves. DOWS is a sacred but delightfully fun practice. Come and experience getting out of the head and into the heart in a safe non-judgmental environment where you can be yourself through movement and music. Join with a beautiful community of like minded people to relieve stress, connect with friends, and find balance and healing. A trained facilitator will gently encourage you to explore, relax, express and have fun! Discover your creativity; find the space to listen to your deepest inner being. All body shapes and physical abilities are welcomed!

Just a few of the delicious results of participating in Dance On the Wild Side:

Making Magic:
• Finding your pleasure center and opening to a sense of well being
• Discover feelings of belonging and homecoming, and feeling safe and accepted.
• Learning to discover and play with your own energy

Practicing Alchemy:
ALCHEMY – turning  pain, sorrow, hopes and dreams, and life’s problems into a healing and connected source of power and wholeness.
• Realization of sublime self love, acceptance and beauty.
• Empowerment to reach creative and intuitive knowledge – to blossom!
• Spontaneous experiences of unbridled laughter, tears and joy!

Empowering the Shaman Within:
• Healing my own pain, sorrow and problems
• Learning to “step out of the box”
• Breaking and changing movement and behavior patterns that no longer serve my best interest.
• Through inner healing of my own chakras, I connect and send powerful healing energy into the earth and universal chakras.

“Oh honey you don’t want to know where this dance goes in me when it goes way down deep, when it swallows me whole. This is not for the faint of heart to take this pleasure path. It awakens in me secrets and forbidden pleasures. The siren, the seductress, the bitch, the saint and the Madonna – all goddesses walk this path with me. And there is no going back once you step foot on this dancing journey.” ~ Wild Woman

DOWS Facilitator: Sherri is a wife, mother, and a lifelong student of art, dance and spirituality. She holds a degree in Graphic Design and also illustrates children’s books. Sherri has over 17 years of experience in Eastern forms of meditation and is currently in studies to be ordained as an interfaith minister. Spirituality has been her most active pursuit throughout her life. She was drawn to Eastern Philosophy at a very young age and has always felt it has much to offer.

Six years ago, her body called for a creative pursuit that was more physically active than her past interests of art and meditation. She discovered Middle Eastern dance and fell in love with the graceful, feminine movements and the joyful celebration that the dance offered. She has been a passionate student of belly dance ever since.

One day Sherri was invited go to a “Dance Meditation Class” and the class literally changed her life. Movement meditation, or ecstatic dance seemed to be the perfect combination of two of her greatest loves of meditation and dance. The addition of movement allowed a reconnect to her body and aligned the mind, body and spirit in profound ways. She studied to become a Dance on the Wild Side facilitator and now hosts Dance on the Wild Side Events.

In addition to the Dance on the Wild Side, she has joined up with the nationwide Red Tent Women’s Movement and will be hosting and facilitating Red Tent events in the Western New York area.