Emmy Wild Woman

 Founder- Dance On the Wild Side & Living On the Wild Side,
Contemporary Medicine Woman, Somatic Movement Facilitator,
Reiki Master, student of Shaman practices,
coach, mentor, teacher, author and speaker.

 As her professional name suggests she is a Wild Woman – one who follows her own instincts and allows her story to become the powerful mechanism within her being.  Wild Woman does not follow or respond to the expectations of others, but instead is able to listen to her own true nature. She is a cancer survivor, healthy, alive, vibrant, brave, and finds the Divine within herself.  Offering her talent and knowledge to the service of others is part of her own healing journey to wholeness. She proudly steps forward as a brave feminine warrior and calls herself Wild Woman

Emmy Wild Woman, a private Reiki Energy Healing Practitioner, combines several modalities of energy healing with her clients. She also develops workshops, courses, retreats and Women’s Gatherings to unlock the intuitive, creative source within. Her workshops and courses include teachings on the Native American Medicine Wheel, rituals to celebrate and honor the moon cycles, Totem Animal Spirit Guides, healing, sensuality and sexuality, relaxation, creative empowerment, drumming, chanting and much more.  Magic, empowerment, movement, sound, breathing, energy and spirituality are the tools she calls upon to facilitate healing at all levels of the human experience.

“I practice the craft of choreographing healing energy into the soul.” ~ Wild Woman

“The Dance On the Wild Side (DOWS) practice was created out of Emmy Wild Woman’s own personal journey into wholeness, healing and creativity. “The power to heal must come from within and we must forge new ways to access and practice our own self medicine. This is our calling as women entering a prophetic shift in universal expansion. It is time to imbue the earth and world with a balance of feminine and masculine integrity and energy. This is necessary for our healing and continued existence. We must heal ourselves so that we may then heal the earth and the world! This healing is interconnected because we are one with all beings and creatures.”
~ Wild Woman

Emmy Wild Woman is available to conduct retreats, workshops, conferences, support groups, private and group sessions. She offers services at the corporate, community and individual level.