HAPPY BELTANE from March Newsletter

Beltane Greetings to You!

Dear friends – shift happens! Uh-huh baby yes it does! Have you felt it lately? There is no denying that the entire planet groans through an immense and powerful shift over the last few years, and for many of us, more intensely so, over the last few months. Why is this happening? This shift has allowed us to realize a need for, and to reclaim our innate ability to experience the magical and spiritual realms of life. For many, it has involved a hammering of discomfort either physically, emotionally, or spiritually – but it has also been an awakening. There is no invitation to being a part of this shift – attendance is mandatory! During this last year there has also been a call for many, to depart from this world.

Over the last few months, there have been several more untimely deaths – or perhaps I should say transitions, in the circle of my people, that have left my soul howling, and my sense of the steadfastness of life feeling shattered and shaky. I suddenly feel the need to just stand still, and do – nothing – except breathe and feel the profound sacredness of life. Always, with any death, we need to ponder that life, the threads of connection, the sense of emptiness, and the ripple of lasting effect on loved ones and community. Transitions from life always cause a profound shift in the consciousness of the living.

Does it sound trite to say that I also feel sensations of breathless agony when I see a tree being felled?  I have whimpered as the cruel, intense winter took down so many majestic pines – trees that had come to feel like personal friends on my healing walks. Coming upon the body of a tree fallen to the ground and experiencing the expanse of it’s broken branches, as it lays in humble release from roots and sky, is surreal and shocking, and penetrates straight to the heart. And yet – in my later Spring walks I see new life being nurtured by these fallen trees, as well as joyful signs of new life pushing through the earth. Integrating this interconnectedness with all living things, which Mark Nepo,( Seven Thousand Ways To Listen), calls the alchemy of Oneness, is part of the profound life lesson I am walking with each day.

I guess sometimes we just need to stand still and take stock of all this swirl of activity and busyness that we call our life. Sometimes I’m tempted, but I am content, not to be a wild adventurer, because at heart, I know that I am a homebody who prefers the gentle routine and mundane simplicity of daily living. I am standing still then, taking stock of where this shift has carried me, and observing my own heart rhythms, as well as the rhythms of those who float in and out of the spiraling circles of my life.

I was not going to write a newsletter because I am not planning any public events at the moment, and I don’t know what to write or say, that needs to be read right now. Maybe I could repeat this message: I don’t need fixing, and you don’t need fixing either. We are just fine as we are, and whether we happen to be in a very good place or a very bad space – it’s all OK.

At the present moment I am contentedly cruising, in places of spacious solitude and quiet. I have little desire to be outwardly social or facilitating any public events. I have said NO to two requests to facilitate dance events!! My response to the greening of life is to allow this desire to feel myself pulling away from much of the event planning right now, and allow for more quiet space and introspection. I had to stop and ask myself – am I depressed? After I was able to erase the shoulds from my life, it became very clear that no, I am not at all depressed. I am simply responding to the shift happening in my own life calling for deeper contemplative living.

This is all I have. I am fiddling around – literally – as I have rekindled my love of playing my violin. I have always loved the earthiness of fiddle playing and finally, I have the time to immerse myself in it!! I’m practicing making a sound as sweet as wildflower honey and dang – I’m just tickled at the fun I get from caressing those strings!! Daily, I am walking several miles, strength training, dancing, meditating and praying. There is a summer wedding, maybe two, and a house blessing for me to officiate at, and my Reiki clients who come and go as they need to. Volunteering my time with Hospice is also on my to do list, as well as some continued studies going deeper into the spiritual realm of Shamanism.

May each day unfold as sacred mystery, and may we remember to celebrate not only that newness of life – so tender, yet so incredibly strong and resilient, but also the letting go, the surrender to being pulled up from our roots. Let us carry that mystery of life and death with reverence, deep in our being. Radical self care, awareness, mindfulness – these are great gifts not only to self, but to the world. Let us remember when we feel helpless and frustrated, frazzled and grief stricken, to gift the self and be a gift to the world! I think this is what shift is about at the personal level. As always – I hope you dance!

Let us see what happens if we can whisper, and then speak aloud, and exclaim:
I don’t need fixing. I am fine just as I am!

Beltane Blessings to you and yours!
May the greening spirit come to dazzle you alive!
Much Love ~ Emmy Your Wild Woman

The outrageous
green fecundity
of Beltane
is upon us.
Death of winter
has no more power
over our greening spirits,
as lusty life
spirals out of the dark,
and shoots forth
the profound magic of being!
~ Wild Woman