Dragonfly Medicine

Warrior Woman 2
Dragonfly medicine
comes to me
deep in my dreams.
She hovers
close to my face
and gently
grasps my edges
of serenity
until she becomes
the winged goddess –
whispering a balm of sweetness
into my skin.
Softly she chants,
the authentic soul
needs no feet
to dance.

A quiver
on her back
contains sacred arrows
named – courage,
determination, love, truth,
compassion, faith,
and endurance.

She teaches me
to choose with grace,
to sniff the pungent air,
to sip the silken moment,
and guides me to
hone my strengths,
aim my bow,
drawing into the taut heaviness,
until I can feel
the bow string release
and become music,
 into the tender threshold
of the cocoon
that cradles my own mystery.

There is no flaw
in being humbled,
broken and opened.
It is the warrior way. 
In revelry of being,
I am swept up,
like a wind tattered leaf

in this harsh beauty of life,
where it is essential
for one to learn to find
stillness in every motion
and birth in every death.

One must take
many an arrow
to the trusting heart,
in order to unravel
the unwritten rules
that bind us
 to the human bondage
of self imprisonment
 blind existence
and lost soul.

In the quiver on my back,
I carry my arrows.
Each has a name
of my choosing.
As my soul dances
and pierces
my hunted heart
wide open
– I become.

~ Wild Woman