September love


When my soul
becomes soft and juicy
as the sweet summer peach,
I will be heart ready
to love all things.
What is abundance after all,
but being gifted with the ability
to taste life to the fullest.

Have I not passed through
the harshest dangers –
and skipped across
unimaginable bridges of delight?
My powers are succulent now.
A glance back over my shoulder
remembers visions of angels and guides,
of ceremony and ritual,
for every passing.

How to embody a soul:
take off my shoes
and receive the sacrament
of the cool dew drenched morning.
Wander into the vast dizzying sky,
until an exhilarating sensation
– of being held,
becomes an initiation
into bliss.

There never was a path
except the one created
of my own footsteps.
I hold steady and listen –
let the immense loneliness,
become the ripeness of spirit,
that She/He who reaches
will feel me –
ready and waiting.

~ Wild Woman