Celebrating the Moon Cycles

Full Moon Bathing

Celebrating the Moon Cycles
By Emmy Wild Woman
Dreams and hopes, frustrations and fears, plans and irritations, old tapes playing relentlessly and new inspiration, as yet to be acknowledged – we keep it all tucked away and stored in the pantry of our heart space. Sometimes, like an untended linen closet we lose all that is essential about our sacred selves in a mess of clutter. When that happens we hesitate to open that door for fear of what may come tumbling out. Yes it’s like that with closets and with our heart too!! How do we manage to clear the cobwebs of what is no longer serving our greater good? How can we stay on track in a gentle and kind to self way? Why with Lady Moon of course!!
What is it that I love about the moon? She is ever present. Grandmother Moon helps me to focus on the now moment. She reminds me that the past is a memory and the future is barely a promise. I can gaze up into the night or early morning sky and be pulled out of the mundane to remember a grander perspective of life. There is something bigger than little me and all my own self distractions. That milky white beautiful round orb in the night sky reminds me that I am a part of her mystery and magic. For generations, the moon has been a sacred focal point, so I can connect with ancestor energy when I draw down the moon in this present moment. I know that the energy of the grandmothers and aunts, who cried their losses, spilled their blood, danced their love and dreamed their desires, dances and pulses in my veins, when I gaze into her radiance, or experience her darkness.
The constancy of the changing phases of the moon allows me to be in sacred time, and listen to my own heartbeat of dreams, frustrations, and needs. I can empty and fill my soul by tapping into her rhythms. The New Moon invites me to ask what my intention is. During the next 2 week period, as she slowly reveals herself in the night sky, what do I hope to accomplish, how am I feeling, what do I need, what might I want to manifest? She is like a marker, a reminder, for self evaluation and cleansing. Maybe I realize it’s time to take steps to manifest a desire or need. Maybe I feel called to improve my own self care, or give more nurturing to another in my care. New ideas and seeds of intention can be planted. New moon energy, when I take the time to be still and listen, is a gift for planting and creating, or for observing how I have been acting and responding in my daily life.
The Full Moon has a wondrous energy. Who hasn’t been awed by her magnificent beauty in the night sky? Every human on earth gazes at her wonder and feels her energy. We can so easily tap into that natural gift and experience our own fullness. Full moon is a time to take note of where we are ”full up,” and what we might be ready to let go of. Maybe I realize that irritating thought or obsession has had enough of my attention now. Perhaps something I have worked on has come to fruition and needs a ritual to celebrate the accomplishment. I may realize in my self evaluation that I have been overwhelmed with negative thoughts or self blaming – allowing old tapes, or old stories to needlessly creep in and fester. The Full Moon is a perfect time to ritualize letting go of what we are full of, no longer serves our greater good, and celebrate what we have fulfilled.
That lovely moon that appears in our night sky is a gift – a Divine gift that costs us nothing but can serve as a sacred connection to what is precious and intrinsic about life. She is an intuitive guide and holds the energy of a thousand generations and guides the ebb and flow of life. She pulls us toward the continual emptying and filling just like the continual motion of waves kissing the shores of the ocean. Imagine for a moment, a great great grandfather, as a very young man, fighting in a war gazing up into the night sky for some kind of assurance and comfort – knowing his own mother or lover is also gazing at the moon. We all know we can connect with archetypes for every kind of experience we may encounter in life under the gaze of the moon. We are never alone when we accept her presence in our life. When my adopted son has experienced birth mother grief, I have always urged him to look at the moon and know that his birth mother is someplace in the world looking at that same moon, and I invite their love energies to connect. It is very powerful for both of us!
I have noted that during the Full Moon I tend to get more requests for Reiki. That is no surprise to me. I always invite the energy of the moon and ancestor spirits to be a part of our healing session. If you have come for a Reiki session with me, you know that the actual session is about 50 – 55 min. but I always schedule in plenty of space for sharing and discussion both before and after. Generally an entire Reiki session takes closer to two hours.
I very much enjoy and appreciate having a group of women to gather at the New and Full Moon I need these women in my life – this is so NOT the PTA or cocktail party experience!! These are women who get it and are willing to go deeper – clearing out the clutter, observe their inner workings, share at deep levels, support without judgment, and enter into the ritual and celebration. Women come who are willing to connect at the deeper level of who they are – not what they do, and what roles they play all week long. We wear so many masks and take on so many personas and defenses, that sometimes we lose the very beautiful love of real self along the way. The moon will lovingly undress you if you allow her to. She will help you to remove all the masks and bathe you in a luminous milk bath of soothing self discovery and healing.
I take the time every month to create an evening of celebration and ritual around the Full Moon. It is a small intimate group of 10 – 15 women who enter sacred circle and support one another without judgment. Each month there are some new participants as well as some who come as regularly as possible. Some months, I offer a drum circle for men and women at the New Moon. To find out more or to reserve your space at a Full Moon Gathering or drum circle, you may go to the Events Tab on my website http://www.danceonthewildside.com or e-mail wildwomandances@gmail.com
or call Emmy Wild Woman at 648 0160