Women’s Autumn Equinox Retreat 9/22/13: Carry Me Into The Howling Times

Labyrinth 2013

Thanks to Leeba Gale Gellman of CLICK for photo

Carry Me – Into The Howling Times

The gentle spirit and love of wise women,
honest sharing
support for our lived experience,
valiant struggles
blissful joy
freedom to become,
brave awakenings
and humble acceptances,
– a weaving on the loom of magic
and mythology of love,
– a sustenance of soul,
– a grounded celebration
of the crispy and crunchy textures of our lives.
of the rounded soft padding of our goddess bodies.
This shawl,
this gift of us,
will reach with me
far into the closing of the season
and carry my spirit
contented and tender,
Into the howling times,
into the cave of winter fires,
knowing I am a woman among you.

Gratitude and Blessings ~ Wild Woman