Happy New Year 2013



Into the sparkling New year I march
carrying with me only –

 freedom of forgiveness,
 warmth of good intention,
and wisdom of lessons learned.
I move fearlessly,
as a warrior of good will,
my spirit wide open

to the grandeur, mystery,
miracle and beauty awaiting!

~ Wild Woman

Greetings as another New Year dawns upon us!!

I have been feeling the delight of opening to a spacious new energy that whispers and sings of the release of old physical ways and uplifts spirit into an awakening spiritual path. 2013 – Year of the Snake –  holds so much promise!! I wish to share with you some of my own intention and reflection for this wonderful new year of living. I don’t think I’ve captured anything new or unique. I have simply stated from my heart what I will internalize, and which kinds of habitual thoughts and desires I will manifest in the new year. Please feel free to join me or create your own reflections and share with me!

I am open and ready for a glorious expansion of consciousness and awareness!

May I become a beggar for the tender and softening heart, and may forgiveness be my strength and my hero.

May I make time to honor and connect to the real world of nature and the elements around me, and begin to heal the wounds of disconnect within myself. This is the only place to begin. Let it begin with me.

May all my endeavors lead to a path of inner stillness. I know within this temple I will hear the whisperings of my Divine and Greater Good.

May I practice the art of continually creating sacred time and space all around me and within me, with long luxurious moments of lingering, to listen to the echoes of stillness.

May I empty my pockets of the heavy rocks of grudges, disappointments, and expectation, and become light to my own darkness.

May I surrender to my deepest darkest fears, hurts and bitterness, face them as a brave warrior with kindness and serenity, so I can be free to move forward with arrows of joy and strength in my quiver, to greet each day, wild with new possibility.

May I endeavor to become aware of, nurture, and trust my imagination and intuition, which hold many secrets to an authentic, empowered and succulent way of living. These are the eagle of my being allowing me to soar to new heights! 

May I become sensitive and understanding of simple truths and beauty that abounds within me and around me at every moment.

May I beg the small gestures that make a big difference and spend lavishly on the people in my life with these precious gifts.

May I understand that my experiences and situations in life are a bigger part of the sacred archetypes of the Divine experience. I am never alone. ME = WE = US = THEY. We are ONE

May my sleep be wrapped in blessed dreams of ever greater awareness and visions, and may I be comforted in colorful blankets of wisdom, understanding and fearlessness.

I tenderly tuck each of you into the pocket of my heart, and carry you near to my heart rhythms . You – the special people, the vibrant gemstones in my life!

I invite you to come along as I continue, and to dance with me into the wonder of our being in 2013. I feel many shifts and a lightening of spirit. This is it! This is all there is – so let’s embrace the magic and majesty of life!

Much Love ~ Emmy Your Wild Woman