Happy Solstice!

I extend my wishes for a Happy and Blessed Winter Solstice to everyone. Many have been gearing up for this December 21 to be a very profound time of shift, awakening and new world order. The Mayan calendar ends and the planets align – and just what does it all mean? Guesses and theories abound, but one common thread seems to push through in every revelation. We are all ONE. This is not a new concept but the realization of oneness of being is what most of us see coming to fruition in this time of new world. Every facet of our existence from our modern technology and media to spirituality and scientific discoveries tells us that boundaries as we once knew them no longer hold significance. We are divinely connected – not just our human race, but all creatures and living things as well as the entire universe.I do not exist separately (except in my ego mind), and every thought, action and desire effects not only me, but all of creation.I have personal responsibility for my well being as well as for the welfare of this planet. The dividing walls of separation are no longer valid or useful.This new paradigm, this shift energy, is allowing us all to become experts in many “grassroots” areas of life. I am grateful for the friends who share their perceptions and inner knowing, for the lessons, and I cherish the beautiful space in my own life to reflect, pray and journey. There most definitely is a buzz of energy that radiates hope, transformation and expansion! Have you felt it?

I think I can honestly say I am an expert at a few things now. Yes. I have become something of an artist in the ways of life – and I have a lot of silver hairs on my head that seem to proclaim a new age of wisdom and accomplishment! I am an expert at learning to ride the rapids of the river of life and go with the flow. I am an expert at expounding on the magic, the beauty and profound sacred aspects of life through my writing and my work, but I am also a strong heart encompassing the horrific and not so pretty realities of life and learning to soak up the lessons and redeeming values of both the dark and light sides. I am an expert at knowing that I create my own reality and I have a choice about everything. No matter what happens, I have choices about how I will deal with, move forward and gain wisdom from my experiences. I am an expert at creating sacred space and celebrating the profound simplicity and beauty of life.

I have learned to look to the real world around me and all her creatures for my lessons, inspirations and comfort. Tree is teacher, breath of life, and constancy, a rock has story energy of a million years to share with me if I can learn to sit still and listen with my heart. The good earth calls me to be rooted and fully human. The expanse of sky continually teaches me to connect with my highest good, and to know my Divine self where the possibilities are infinite. All my furry, feathered and scaled relations have lessons and intimate revelations about life! I am an expert at calling on angels, spirit guides and ancestors in all of my endeavors and knowing I do everything aided by their spiritual presence and guidance.

I have become expert at turning inward to create a velvety place of serenity, amidst howling storms and upheaval, and knowing that my happiness and peace comes from that quiet center, not from anything or anyone outside of myself. This place of profound peace and stillness needs to be cultivated with tender care and devotion as well as with discipline and practice of meditation, movement and prayer. I am an expert at knowing when and where I need to go to nurture my deep thirst for solitude and peace and just how to do that. Healthy life is all about being in balance, and I know perfection and balance is something we strive for, but it’s crucial that I recognize I am perfect just as I am in this moment with acceptance and gratitude for what is.

I am an expert in knowing that dance/stillness, singing, drumming, storytelling and the arts, and being out in nature, are the ways of good medicine. I know when and how to use these simple tools to enhance and heal my soul. I know if I practice these ways with patience, my body and soul will reveal through her powerful intuition, the direction I must go, where to turn and what else I may need for true health. In this way I empower myself, through expression, and take control of my own path to authentic wholeness. I trust that life has a way of working things out and bringing us to a place of balance if we breathe, listen and pay attention.

Whatever is happening in this momentous shift, one thing is for certain, we are being shown many lessons at an accelerated pace. Sometimes it may feel as though life is hurling tornadoes at us in physical and spiritual as well as emotional ways. I’m in for the ride, and yes I’m riding the rapids on that river of life and just going with the flow and enjoying the scenery. It’s pretty spectacular!

I invite you to come, dance, drum, share your wisdom, experience pleasure and delight! Give yourself the gift of nurturing, wisdom and camaraderie at women’s gathering. Release stress and experience inspiring empowerment in a Pulse Rhythm & Dance class in January, a Slow Flow class or a Roots and Wings class as we get closer to spring and Summer. Celebrate every aspect of your being, connecting your energy with something greater than self in a powerful community Dance Meditation On the Wild Side! We have small intimate gatherings as well as large community celebrations! Come experience the gift of Reiki energy healing. I will be offering some new opportunities to dance in January and have some wonderful plans for new adventures into the coming New Year. I hope to see many of you at the Spiral Dance on Dec 14th.

A Blessed Solstice, A Merry Christmas and A Happy Holiday to All!

With Love and Devotion ~ Emmy Your Wild Woman