Entering the West – Letting Go

 Have you ever had that sense that you really need to be done with something in your life, it’s time to let go and and move on, but find yourself  continually spiraling back into a flood of memory and emotion? Sometimes it’s a memory of an experience that plagues our consciousness and sometimes it’s a relationship or friendship the we realize just no longer serves our greater good. How do I celebrate and integrate the lessons I have learned from some of the more uncomfortable, some of the devastating as well as the passionate experiences of life? How do I say good-bye, let go and move on? How do I turn a new page in my life and remain faithful to the Spirit call of my own wilderness? Seems this has been my year to let go…. let go … let go…. realizing that there is a time for memories, heart aches, illusions and even particular accomplishments to BE in my life and there is a time to let them move on. Friends will always be friends at some sacred energetic level but, sometimes we need to release from their direct energy in order to continue our own journey, trusting in the unfolding mystery of self. Releasing for me has never been an easy task. I have the tendencies of a  a loyal dog and a long-standing desire to be accepted and approved of. I have had a tendency to hold on energetically to past emotional baggage fearful of the labor pains of separation and ……. that I might lose my identity without it.  But this has been my year to release to the universe and re-discover new maturity that replaces fear with love and new visions. Read on to enter with me into a sacred ritual of celebration and release!!

How shall I make a sacred space and ritual to celebrate this year of letting go? I begin by envisioning any memories, relationships, moments and attachments that I feel ready to release. I allow myself to take a look at them and think about them, without emotional involvement, and carefully surround the difficult ones in light. On a piece of paper I write down names, memories and events that I need to let go of.  Energetically I place them in a magnificent hot air balloon with love and gratitude for all they have been to me. Thanks for the lessons. Thanks for the support. Thanks for the challenge. Thanks for taking me to unimaginable depths of despair and pain, and for giving me wings to soar high into inspiration and grace of the moment. I honor without any judgement on my part or theirs, their special presence in my journey and let them lift off into the sunset. I watch them slowly and peacefully rise into a scarlet dusk sky.

I turn to the West on my Medicine Wheel, the sunset place of sacred dreams, psychic powers, and intuition. Opening my arms wide I pray to Mudjekeewis, Spirit Keeper of the West for integration of all lessons learned. West – the direction of experience, introspection, strength, and emotional release. I bow deeply and I honor my harvest time. With simple gesture, I offer back to Mother Earth the seeds of all I have accomplished, and prepare to accept the lessons and visions the Spirit Keeper may wish to share with me. I embrace the mystery of my lived experience and open my heart center to clear anything that holds me back from experiencing my life as a love story. To do this I must  become centered and aware. I sit in silence with the medicine wheel’s stones of introspection, experience and strength and make my request to receive their gifts under a canopy of peace. My heart whispers a plea, a fervent prayer for authentic empowerment, for truth and for gentle acceptance. Suddenly I feel as though I will weep from the sheer beauty of release and feelings of tenderness in the hollow of my being. From that deep hollow space comes a trust that I am perfect just as I am.  As a precious unique being in this vast universe, I have the power to sharpen and shape my realness. I must believe, that like the stars, I meet eternity in every moment. Past and future exist only in this now, this moment, and I allow myself to be here present, whole, healed and pure. The sacredness of this moment encircles my spirit like a soft shawl. Tranquility shimmers like the luminous sky above me. Now it is time to enter the bear cave of my heart, the place where visions often come. I have let go. I have done what I needed to do and honored myself in not taking on the expectations and identity of others. I can only walk my path. I can welcome those precious ones who come to walk arm and arm in the direction I am headed, and wish those who must part, a safe and happy journey on their own path and direction.

photo courtesy of Dianne Eno

Within the velvet darkness of my heart cave, the visions continue to come. A deeper awareness that the days when I struggled to jump from path to path in an attempt to please and follow others is now a lesson learned. Gone are the days of shedding my authentic being to take on the skin of another – seeking approval and acceptance.  Within the silence of my heart cave, I learn to walk boldly and fearlessly into my wild spaces – ensconced in a shield of love.  My feminine instincts coo a soothing lullaby as I encompass my 9 Chakras. Energy ripples and  flows from my deep ancestor roots all the way up through to my highest divine and I breathe that energy to soak into every facet of my being. Like the grandfather tree I sink deep roots and dance with heaven. How long before the Pine’s sap takes translucent shape – drop by sweet drop into the wilderness of my being?

Mother Jaguar protects my medicine space and walks a rhythmic pacing, like the drum beat of my heart. We connect – the light of our golden eyes piercing straight through to the heart. It is here in this empowered heart circle meeting, that the last vestiges of forgiveness must burn into pure healing crystals. I feel the fires of my power center strengthen and roar, purifying intention and passion with forgiveness, clearing the way for what is to come.  Now comes a time of rest, and delight in nourishment from a harvest of plenty. Now comes a time for vision, renewal and love. My life is my prayer.  Aho ~ Willow Night Song