Reiki – What it is – and Isn’t

I am a Reiki Master. I offer Reiki sessions. I am not a psychic. I am not a medium. I don’t do magic. I can not make you magically well, or magically thin or see inside your gut. I can not whisk away any emotional pain and I do not invade your inner sanctum of privacy, nor do I invade your emotional well being. I can not cure your addiction – but I can be there to help you relax into your own wisdom, which may enable you to take your own steps to come to terms with your own issues. With Reiki – YOU allow your body to speak to YOU through the gift of relaxed time and energy flow directed to chakra points. Reiki often brings clarity to unsolved problems and a sense of peace when anxiety or troubles weigh heavy on us. It is a nurturing experience – usually subtle, peaceful and gentle. I do invite in, with your permission, all of your angels/spirit guides/totems to be present and offer their communication and guidance which you receive through your own intuition. I may feel places where there seems to be blocked energy or excessive energy and I work gently with that – but I do not diagnose or judge. It is scientific fact that people tend to heal much faster when they have a sense of peace, clarity and careful nurturing.Today even many doctors and nurses are practicing Reiki because they have experienced how healing a touch of directed compassionate energy can be. Sometimes I am guided to give you a message from spirit – always gentle, always uplifting. ~ Wild Woman

Always feel free to call 648 0160, or e-mail if you have any questions or would like to set up a Reiki Appointment. Sessions are $40 for 1 hour