The Truth About Things

Are you feeling not quite right physically or emotionally? Do you feel lightheaded or groggy? Do you feel as though you are directionless and wandering? Are you longing for something and sensing a change is about to happen? If so, you are not alone. Many people have experienced a sense of the surreal and it’s not surprising if you even just consider the barren winter we had and the intense summer. For some it’s frightening or irritating and I doubt there are too many who can just go about their daily business without having a sense of what the heck is going on walk across their brain at least a few times each day! Watch out because wild magic is afloat and shift is happening!

There is no need to panic – and it won’t change a thing except to put forth an energy that will eventually return to you and manifest in some way. I think it is time to allow nurturing and grounding at the micro level. You can do some big nurturing like massage or vacation but it will be completely ineffective and useless if you haven’t changed your paradigm. How do we do this? I suggest that we begin by first becoming aware of our attitude and expectations. Ask yourself this: What is the first thought I have in the morning and what is the last thought before I go to sleep. Are my thoughts nurturing me? Did you realize that you can create nurturing thoughts? Maybe if you tend to worry or recreate stressful moments when you lay your head down, you could shift that pattern and tell yourself – I deserve a restful sleep and tonight I will breathe deeply and focus on my heart center allowing all feelings to be there without judgment or emotional involvement. Gently give the day to your good spirit guides and angels and let yourself  be empty and open to peace and quiet. Focus on your breathing and with each exhale, feel your body sinking into relaxation. In the morning as soon as you begin to wake train yourself to think a kind thought and become aware of your energy and aura for a few moments. A simple peaceful mantra may begin your day.

There are many ways to micro nurture. When you walk out the door to go to your car – learn to stop and see, feel, smell and experience! Listen to your inner voice in these moments! How often do we dash out jump into the car and not even notice the birds, the grass, trees, sky or feel the air on our skin. We micro nurture when we eat slowly and quietly and pay attention to how we move about the house. When you prepare fresh food – feel its energy and thank it before it goes into your body. Ok this may sound real funny – but when you go to the bathroom do you thank your body for eliminating the garbage – for doing such a great job at taking care of you? I’m sure you could come up with many more micro nurturing ideas that will help you to stay in the moment and realize the incredible grandeur of every moment in life. We have such power! In the days to come there will be many running around proclaiming, “Oh lordy lordy the sky is falling!” I choose to understand that this is heaven touching Earth! We have the ability to recreate our own reality and it doesn’t take an abracadabra magician. It takes some simple shifting of thought and awareness and expectation in your day!

Like many of you, I too have experienced intense physical sensations within my body – enough that I sometimes worry that I may be sick. Someone said to me, “I feel like I’m dying!” and I know just what she means. When I take some moments to just BE, I realize that much of what I am experiencing is my body shedding it’s old skin, old stories that no longer serve me. I have let them go on many levels and now my body is taking care of releasing at the cellular level. This is a process that requires patience, careful listening and some work on our part. I think it’s important to be aware that often Western medicine represses the body energy by relieving symptoms but not treating the underlying cause of a problem. It is important to find healers and health practitioners who understand how to work with the whole person body/mind/spirit – the way of the new energy.

We often find ourselves longing for something and sometimes we don’t even know what it is. This can easily become a habit or pattern… if I only had this… when I have that… if I could just go here… if I had this person in my life… if I could do what she’s doing… and on and on. The grass always seems greener where it’s watered friends! Patterns of longing can become such a habit that it’s easy to lose sight of the beauty of the moment, giving up treasures and gems glistening right before us. It takes a kind of refocusing – that’s all. Who and What we draw to ourselves is the energy we project unconsciously. Attitude, imagination, and gratitude – are the magic in life. We are the magicians…. and of course all of the Dance On the Wild Side practice supports becoming our own best friend and healer.

I invite you to gaze into these photos below and just let your heart feel the images. Feel free to join me for a bit and experience the fantasy and essence. Many of us are experiencing some profound shifts and changes. It is shimmering evidence that the soul is expanding with the magic of the moment. The world is about to change and we are going to take off! Catch your breath, let everything else go and find yourself here with me. Let’s go skipping and dancing hand in hand and release all the traps and false definitions. Let’s make a choice to spew out heartfelt forgiveness and acceptance instead of judgments, grudges and hate. Let’s start again… and again… and again…. with laughter and playfulness. Let’s capture wonder and magic and simplicity in our bug jars and wear imaginary sparkling fairy crowns of pure joy and bliss that radiate a luminous warmth and joy into every soul we meet.

Ahh… Come – I’ll meet you here right now!

Much Love, Emmy Your Wild Woman