Get inspired…. dance for joy… dance for healing… experience the sensual and intoxicating rhythms… explore freedom of movement that carries you out of your head and into your heart. Soothe your soul…. release tension and stress… experience the Divine and find the quiet place within.

A dance circle… a women’s gathering… a healing Reiki session… a safe space where you can take off your shoes, wiggle your toes and breathe deeply…. move, groove to enchanted rhythms…  experience a sacred talking stick circle and ritual…. come into a space of freedom, healing and acceptance… discover new friends and experience joy, power and the creative intuitive spirit within!

Come… Dance On the Wild Side!!

~ Women’s Empowerment Gatherings

~ New Moon and Full Moon Rituals

~ Dance Sessions

~ Drum Circles

~ Retreats

~ Private Parties

~ Reiki Healing Energy Sessions

Wild Woman and the wolf is such a powerful archetype for our DOWS spirituality and philosophy. It has been an enduring and strengthening influence, helping me to fall in love with the mystery of my own personal journey, to experience my life path and story as my own treasured personal mythology, spiraling out to an intimate healing connection with all of life.

~ Wild Woman

“Tell me that you get it! Tell me this flow, this energy is welcomed into your depths like a balm, a vibrant healing crystal that shimmers into all your dark spaces. Tell me it gives you voice to speak your truth and ears to listen to the rhythms of your soul. Tell me there is no medicine quite like spiraling deep into your own bliss and surrendering to the brutal honesty that dwells there, in absolute love and acceptance of your precious being! Tell me!” ~ Wild Woman

“The brilliant star dancing in the night sky – is a reflection of your own shimmering stardust – every cell of your being dancing with life and love – pulsing with energy and spirit! Look inward and feel your soul alive in the dance!” ~ Wild Woman